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Jennifer De Vaal and Ute Haiplik

Intensive Care Specialists (Germany)

During the Altenpflegue 2022, one of the most important trade fairs in the care industry in Germany, we had the opportunity to show demos of the Orizon solution at our exclusive demo lab on the upper floor of our booth. The audience was mainly staff and management from care homes and hospitals and it was a great chance to see the reactions and feedback from these experienced visitors.
Two of these visitors, Jennifer De Vaal and Ute Haiplik, both Intensive Care specialists, agreed to give us an interview right after seeing the demo of how the solution works. Here, they talk about the potential they see in Orizon Smart as an improvement to the management of incontinence care. Enjoy the read!

Interviewer: Hello, you have just taken part in the Orizon demo show, the digital solution to support incontinence care. What was your impression of this innovation?
Jennifer: The first impression is definitely phenomenal. The product itself is very light and soft and the technology is intuitive and easy to use. Patients are unlikely to sweat as much because of the lack of plastic on the outer layer. Phenomenal, definitely great!
Ute: It is skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Patients and residents will certainly feel comfortable in it. And I see the development is already very, very advance.

Interviewer: What do you think about this technology that informs caregivers on time when the incontinence product is saturated via notifications on their cell phones?
Jennifer: It’s great! This would be a relief, especially on the night shifts. You don’t have to wake up the resident and you can let people sleep through the night. I don’t have to check if the product is full or if the resident is wet. Phenomenal for the residents and an enormous reduction in workload for caregivers.

Interviewer: What time-related effects do you think the use of this solution has on everyday care?
Ute: There is definitely a time-saving there. I think that it gives you more time for other things, such as playing games with the residents, talking to them etc. I don’t have to check every time whether the resident is wet. So, a perfect solution for everyday care.

Interviewer: How do you assess the economic impact?
Jennifer: The initial costs and investments are limited. I’m thinking more in the medium to long term. Product consumption will fall sharply here. Certainly a great saving and a relief right from the start.

Interviewer: Do you also see any physical and psychological relief for the nursing staff?
Jennifer: Yes, definitely for the caregiver, but also for the resident, since you don’t have to access the intimate area as often. I think there are a lot of benefits for both sides.